7. JaVale McGee (Center, Denver Nuggets)

"Pancakes" all the way. Everyone knows the iconic hoops term "pancakes" and its association with JaVale McGee who "loves pancakes." Available on hats, shirts, socks, belts and NBA-licensed charm bracelets at Target stores.

8. Tony Romo (Quarter Back, Dallas Cowboys)

Tony Romo's "Maraca Jerk" Rasta pepper playing maracas can be found on a variety of branded merch. He picked the pepper because he likes things spicy and a little bit wild. It fits his rebel personality.

9. Sebastian Jankowski (Kicker, Oakland Raiders)

"The Jan Kat" tough alley cat is worn by all the tough cat fans of Sebastian "Janky" Jankowski. You can hear the Jan Kats in the kicker's corner in the Oakland stadium cheering during every important kick.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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