"None of the Above"

From: Alister Derby

Would zip files but can't be bothered, tired, goodnight.

...and that's the winning spirit that has made America the "can do" country it is today!

From: Zach Rounds


Why does the "sycklops" look like a chicken drumstick with a piece of bloody spaghetti sticking out of it?

From: Paul Segal

my tshirt is l33t, but i think you shouldn't accept in cause i'd actually buy and wear the one with "L33T HAX0R" on it, cause then both me and my tshirt would be l33t. just kidding. and i know this one mostly sucks, i'm gonna make at least one more.

Now THAT'S a cyclops. Take note, Zach!

From: Silentlobotomy

The slogans can be put on front and back... therefor, this shirt is made for sidewalk bums who have nothing better to do that ask for a dollar. And if you dont give it... oh boy, heh heh, let me catch my breath.... woah, its gonna make for a helluva laugh... omg!.

How can the slogans be put on the front or back? Where would they go exactly? Is it an invisible shirt? I'd imagine that would be very expensive fabric, much more costly than cotton.

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