The Religious

From: Nathan Dort

+h1s sh1r+ 0wnz j00!!

Technically I guess SA beats genital herpes, but not by that much. That's kinda like saying "Alley McBeal" is better than "Party of Five".

From: Roger T. Kort

here you go d00d. hope all you h4x0rs out there get pl4st0r'd. ...You can submit as many designs as you want, as long as they don't suck <-- oops, I read that after I made the shirts. oh well. I look foreward to my own brain of hitler. I plan to eat it and absorb his "power"

Don't worry, it already looks like you have as much brainwave activity as Hitler currently does.

From: Jason Torres

: )

I never knew Jesus was an l33t script kiddie, but it all makes sense now. Now go haX0r the Holy water and turn it into beer.

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