"Mrs. Madman" pulls out a hilarious gag from his impressive joke book! Not even Jeff Goldblum can save this picture or us.

"Trez" seems to think one of those cops might be a little too slow! GET IT? Look how amazing the cut and paste job on this one is. You can't get this kind of precision unless you use a weedwacker and rubber cement shot out of a donkey's colon at 200 yards.

"Vinzinni" really made me do a double take with this awesome picture! He matched heads perfectly! I'm sure everybody is frantically abandoning the Hawaiian Islands right now in disgust.

"Wadejunkie" uses some really advanced blending techniques so that Chief Wiggum really appears to be in the picture! You're gonna have to write a tutorial one of these days, pal! Make sure you write the tutorial on how to commit suicide first.

Uh oh, crime is afoot and these cops aren't doing anything. Or are they? The Fark if I know. Bonus points to "Nickg" for seizing a valuable opportunity to work Admiral Ackbar in. You know, to make it funnier.

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