Those cops don't even notice that "Savana acolyte" let his dog loose on them! RFLOL! Those Farkers and their defecation jokes!

"Pregnathippie" is falling sideways in this gravity defying masterpiece that's about as fun to look at as is to have an active beehive shoved up your ass!

"Kernal Ghost" made this truly Farkworthy wonder. Hey, you forgot to turn off your Photoshop notes you dumbfark!

"Ultranon" apparently had a seizure while using the free transformation tool, because there is a giant retard head in this picture. He probably didn't notice what he did because he's used to seeing a giant retard head when he looks in the mirror.

Finally, "Chita" brings us what we all want: boobies (sfw)!

And that wraps things up! Thanks as always to the Farkers for their outstanding work and crazy wit. I know I won't be able to stop laughing for a long time to come! Be sure to stop by next week when we Fotoshop more hilarious Associated Press photos! Oh, and if you'd like to participate, stop on by Fark! Remember, it's not news, it's Fark!

- Josh "Livestock" Boruff

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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