The gigantic Old Man Murray logo in all its glory.

I passed by the UGO booth and noticed what a great display they had. They had a huge overhead projector which showed gigantic slides of their various hosted sites. The Old Man Murray logo was displayed in a 50 foot wide blaze of glory. This made me curious as to how Gamefan was promoting my wonderful site, since I assumed they would be eager as all heck to help me get more hits and spread the joy of Something Awful with the rest of the world. Oddly enough, I couldn't find any mention of my site anywhere on the Gamefan booth! I took a quick look and compared the UGO and Gamefan booths, and here's what turned up:

UGO: Promoted their hosted sites via a large projection system.
Gamefan: Promoted their own magazines via having the Laker girls stand in front of them.

UGO: Had special giveaways which featured some of their biggest hosted sites.
Gamefan: Had a popcorn machine.

UGO: Paid for their hosted sites to fly into town and stay in a hotel. Also threw a party for them.
Gamefan: When people came by the booth, asking if they knew where I was and if I was selling shirts, the Gamefan employees responded by asking, "Lowtax? Who's that?"

They also kicked me out of their booth because I was selling SA t-shirts. I assume this was their way of showing me "tough love".

The Gamefan booth. Notice a lack of something awful.
Gamefan raffled away this car for people to win. They also had a popcorn machine. But no mentions of Something Awful anywhere!
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