Farmers like tidy fields and weeds compete with crop plants meaning that the farmer gets less crop and less money.

Yeah, preach on Tiki, the farmer ran over a couple ham-sized mutant ladybugs, some kind of rat, and two unknown brown things with his tractor. Cry me a river. I don't really feel sorry for the farmer though, as I guess he's spraying acid on his crops because the ones near the bottom are dying. He should think about shooting some of that shit all over Tiki because that penguin is about four times the size of his tractor and could probably trash the thing (even without his eye lasers).

And problems with poisonous plants — Insects are very successful creatures.

I think this is about the most screwed up picture in the history of the world. I won't even address it. As for insects being "very successful creatures", show me one dragonfly that has a Fortune 500 company. I didn't think so. NEXT!

Hope for the future? — Yes there is - if you and your friends do something. Genetic engineering could help people wipe out some diseases and could, in the right hands, help feed the world. But for the time being, I think people should go ahead slowly and cautiously. I don't think it's wise for millions of you people - especially young kids or babies - to be eating GE food without knowing it when it hasn't even been properly tested.

Okay, let me get this straight - if we don't do something about genetic engineering, horses will start thinking about cash and falling off cliffs? If a horse is too preoccupied with money to realize his dumb ass is about to plummet off the edge of a cliff, I say let 'em. Last thing we need is a bunch of money grubbing horses ruining our economy. I assume that thing on it's back is supposed to be the Earth, but if it is, where is the horse riding on? Mars? How is it breathing? It must've been genetically engineered! It all makes sense now!

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