Hour 41: An American ship passed us by without even stopping. Whenever I think about America I have fairly fond thoughts, but not everyone in Japan loves America. Especially older generations have hard feelings about World War II. We are currently accepting preorders for our figure collection based on the Hetalia Axis Powers manga. These unique characters each represent a different country and like things associated with the country, like the Italian character enjoys pizza and spaghetti and the American character is very fat and belligerent.

Hour 50: We've eaten the last of our Food Drops and split up the final box of Calorie Mate Cheesecake Flavor. The Mousse-chan Fuwa Fuwa Paper Clay Sets aren't food, but they're technically edible. I feel like I'm dying or becoming something new.

Hour 58: The last of the Paper Clay sets is gone. We've cut open the breasts on our oppai mousepads and I've tried frying them in a skillet. So far, not so much luck. They tend to melt, but I will keep refining this recipe. Fans of breasts should check out Oppai ga Ippai for PC, the breast-fondling simulator from Doujin Soft. Our computers no longer work, only my phone. I barely remember what it was like to play a Doujin. Is it it real...or...

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