MaximumTaint departs from the theme with this poignant tribute to a Goon who died after overdosing on Mtn Dew.

Ginny Field's contribution nudged the Caring Meter all the way from storm cloud to rainbow.

Gutter Monkey shares the inspiring true story of a woman who got knocked down, then got up again.

Schweinhund captured a rare shot of the World War I Flying Ace, taken shortly after a dogfight with the Red Baron.

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  • Get In The God Dang Weight Room, Johnny Manziel!

    Get In The God Dang Weight Room, Johnny Manziel!

    Simply put, if I had Johnny Manziel’s physical gifts, you better believe I would be there in the Weight Room, getting to bed early, doing whatever I had to do to be the best possible athlete I could be. I wouldn't be posting on social media about sucking titties. I wouldn't even look at a titty, buddy. I'd look at a titty and see two big footballs.

  • Helping Your Real Friends Move

    Helping Your Real Friends Move

    A real friend doesn't move until the middle of August, ensuring temperatures in the 90s and a humidity that turns boxers into moist balls of ruined cotton.

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