Many of you, particularly those of you not living in the myriad of Communist nations outside of America, will likely remember the wholesome Dick and Jane series of educational books. Dick and Jane were two playful youngsters whose fun adventures helped children learn to read and write. Over the last several decades this ageless duo has managed to securely infiltrate American culture, gaining a firm stranglehold in the name of literacy. They've had a good ride, but that ride is now over. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons used a little mad science to combine their twisted creativity with fond childhood memories, creating new Frankenstein memories of comedy. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Blood and Carnage

Handsome "Jafo" tingles my Scorpion-loving heart. He also supplied this week's theme!

"BigGooey" immediately gets down to business:

"Anders" recalls fond holiday memories:

"Kerro" helps contribute even more happy memories:

"remikz" has been playing too much Counter-Strike.

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