I thought the thread was about getting someone to watch your neck when you go out of town.

Maybe you should get all of your bondish fantasies out of the way before you have a child.

How do you know it's not a wart or gonorrhea? You're not a fucking doctor.

"Kate" might have posted in the wrong forum.

Isn't this kind of shit illegal in Texas anyway? Goddamn Texas. If I were ever on my way across the country I would make it a point to drive around Texas and not through it. I hate that giant fucking shit stain of a state.

How about you get him to stop by going back in time and not letting him touch your goods in the first place?

Quite possibly the best advice ever given. I will never forget this "LUVMY2BOYS".

On the internet there are two seperate and equally important groups, the porn makers who create smut, and the uptight mothers who are continually bitching about it. These are their stories.

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