Thanks to everyone who wrote in last week. I got lots of feedback that ran the whole gamut, from your basic "What the hell did I just read?" to prayers for my death to one guy (I think) offering me an honorary spot in some kind of armed militia. I read them all even if I haven't replied, so thanks again.

This week is back to nature and should serve to remind everyone why we hated the Internet in the first place.


Apparently one PETA wasn't annoying enough, so they went out and made another one. This one's just as bad.

I don't think writing in to TV shows does anything except let them know you're watching, so good luck.

Nobody at my high school was ever this dedicated to making fun of dorks.

I'm going as someone who needs a real hobby.

The elderly pride themselves on not giving a shit about what anyone thinks. The sooner you learn this, the happier you'll be.

Get out there with some signs or something you gigantic pussies.

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