So what do you get when you combine the Internet with a sex advice column? This. If there's anything the Internet is good for it's giving out sex advice because it's clear that people who spend a lot of time posting on forums know a lot about sex.

I have my rabbi on speed dial for situations like this.

Just out of curiosity, did you have a father? Oh, no reason, I'm just wondering.

Yeah, get the good kind.

Then do gonzo porn.

Honey please put a finger in my ass and tickle my turds.

That's odd. Usually my cum sets up camp in the vulva for a couple days before heading all the way in. See a doctor?

You jerk off with your left hand? Ewwww. Right all the way.

His username is "jpn8155". Of course he wants to torture and humiliate his girlfriend. Give him a break!

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