The 711391 family has seen more gripping drama than Michael J. Fox and a wet bar of soap. Read the whole thing and you will be rewarded!

I think what we've learned today is that if there is a god, it isn't anywhere the fuck near AOL search.

That's all for now, but come back next week for some more AOL search action. Thanks to forum goon xGryph for coding and letting us use his handy search tool that made searching through those giant logs possible. And then of course, a big thanks to my buds Dramascus, Mr Wind Up Bird, Buff and Uncut, The Young Homer, Stevens Yeung, vrunt, gobbles, Marxux, Livefox, Devonaut, mojo king bee, capnpayne, Smacklug, Foomin, Flying-Wiz, Sensurround, Beech, SydBarrett, Flying-Zig, Fried Chicken, BreathMints, Ralconn, boingthump, Flying-Nugs, Bitter Milton, AAAAA, and maxnmona for providing the images this week.

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– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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