Don't Date Him Girl is one of my favorite web sites. There you'll find a catalog of bad decisions made by women, each one more entertaining than the last. While these profiles are supposed to act as a warning to women, I know one woman who looked at some profiles and said, "Damn! How to I contact these hot papis?!" But this section isn't about the Don't Date Him Girl web site, it's about their forums.

Yeah, well, women don't mind spreading cooties around like it's nothing!

Weekend long marathon sex sessions? You mean, you missed Saturday Night Live?! I can't imagine.

I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you! Check, mate.

Every single thread looks like this.

The avatars make this image hilarious.

Don't take your kids outside or anywhere, pedophiles might look at them!

Now this is the kind of advice women should be getting.

If there's one thing men are better at than women, it's keeping their forums running like a well-oiled machine. What's a matter, angry womyn can't post that well???

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