Fat Forums

Have you heard of NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance? That organization's board of directors has two co-chairs. That's right -- the fat people organization needs two chairs. I got a huge kick out of that when I found out. Those guys aren't involved today though, these folks are just some other fat people who may or may not be affiliated. I really don't know how they're organized.

I know Chinese food delivery guys aren't bartenders but there really should be a point where the guy tells the woman she's had enough.

Oh please oh please be talking about a garbage disposal.

"Alkzura" had it out the whole time he was typing this.

Oh well, uh, jeez, that's a really nice offer but, uh, I have to be somewhere. At the, uh... Antarctica. I have to be at Antarctica, and soon. So I can't, sorry!

You know, those video phones they give reporters in Iraq are really awful in terms of quality. Like sometimes they'll be talking about "IEDs" and it sounds like they're saying "I eat these" and fat people rush right over to the recruiting office.

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