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The Internet Movie Database is a valuable resource and is almost always really useful (until you scroll down and get to the part with the forums). Spokker visited them over 2 years ago and since a lot can happen in that amount of time we decided to drop in for a quick visit to see how our moviegoer friends are doing these days.

I know three guys who oughta be thrown through a plate glass window for perpetuating the dumbest fucking fad on the planet.

Saying "Use logic!" before you explain a bunch of stupid anime shit is pretty much the same thing as saying "Practice fire safety!" while setting off fireworks inside your house.

"deckzone3000" calmed down and typed this post just before ripping his shirt off in frustration.


If you concentrate really hard on this thread you can almost hear hundreds of nerds cracking their knuckles.

Hey I'll be in charge of the disparagement around here, bucko.

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