is a forum for Pokemon lovers. They don't just love the franchise, they are in love with the individual characters. I haven't seen someone this delusional since Craig Kilborn left late night television to pursue a movie career.

No 11 year olds cannot join into your Pokemon gang bangs. As much as you'd like them to I simply cannot allow this.

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I'm so hot for Pokemon I want to stick a pokeball up my butt.

LatiasGirl is a big supporter of Pokemon rights. You should never ever hurt a Pokemon.

I have an erection right now but it has NOTHING to do with Pokemon. It was just a reflex okay? It happens to guys all the time! Seriously here come on!

I hope post count superstar lets me join his Way club.

You're not my son and I hate it.

I'm in love with a Pokemon, on the next Jerry... Oh who am I kidding? Not even the daytime talk shows would touch this.

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