Thanks for the security update! I can now browse fat forums in peace.

Now it just got creepy... moreso.

I'm not sure you want to admit to filming your fellow students on the Internet.

So wonderful...

It's the Urkle mobile but in a basketball. Okay.

Special thanks to Professor Booty, Quack, Liquid Penguins, most erotic flower, aegio, Dewgy, Apology, MyushiVerSCOOTY, Dash O Pepper, YouPube (who got probation for something, tsk tsk), Reading Owl, HulkaMatt, Dr. Dos, Bag of Glass, Nightwatch, National Bedwetter, big duck equals goose, Zorak, Tuxedo, Og Oggilby, Splintax, Jordan Hass, brnai, Posture_Pal, and vlad3277 for helping me spread Christianity in developing nations.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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