Well women naturally like jerks. So next time you ask a woman out slap her across the face and she'll be yours forever.

It's an open letter to the only woman on the Internet who would have sex with him. Well, good for him.

These people have conventions?! Did anyone else see this coming? I know I didn't.

MadTV always "goes there". That's why it's mad!

I have an average penis and I have an average life. I'd say that's a decent tradeoff.

Haha, reality bites.

Hello goon.

What can I say to these guys? Learn how to eat pussy real well? I don't know.

Special thanks to Meunkin, The Aristeia, Jesus169, Jay Milo, DemanusFlint, PissFilledCumBubble, ptlsaints, Gaspy Conana, diagnosed, and ryborg. These guys have humongous units and aren't afraid to use them.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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