In their spare time the members of the Official Nintendo Forums like to discuss philosophy. Their haven for stimulating discussion is Mad Philosophers. Forget everything you know about the universe and prepare to be blown away.

The only way to end racism is to call black people niggers! It's so simple!

Look, I don't know what to say about the majority of these posts. My mom always told me even when I was a kid that if you don't know what to say about a crazy post on Weekend Web just try to bullshit your way through it and hope nobody cares. Man I love my mom!

This is the kind of stuff you hear homeless dudes screaming about on Hollywood Blvd.

I'm barely halfway done with comments and I already want to kill myself.

I used to have a theory that if you attached the word "empirical" to whatever your argument is it makes you sound smart. It has now been disproved.

With a username like Everything@Nothing he should know.

What happened was that the leave a penny take a penny empire became so big that the government had to take them out by filling a 747 with loose change from people's pockets and take out the World Trade Center. It all makes sense now.

There are many hilarious Jewish comedians. That's what I think.

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