The Fantasism Forum is a place where people have relationships with fictional characters. In the one place where everything is controlled by them, their imagination, even they have doubts whether their characters would like them or not. Talk about a lack of self-confidence. I guess that's what discussion forums are for.

That's what you get for changing anti-depressants right in the middle of fetish dream season!

Enigma, hero of the fetish community. I wonder if he puts that on his resume.

These people are too goddamn paranoid about how much people really care about their stupid fetishes. They see obvious teasing as harassment and repression. I'm not going over to his house and pulling the diapers off his ass and hitting him with a broomstick, but I am saying that wearing diapers is pretty fucking weird. Anyone who actually does harass are even dumber than they are.

The coyote character gave me a raging boner.

Serebii was last week man.

Pedophiles and zoophiles both love to point to the gay issue as a reason why their lifestyle will someday be accepted. Once two dudes are allowed to get married we'll go ahead and work on letting you fuck animals freely and openly in the street.

Poll: What do you think Red XIII's shit smells like?!?!

Having sex with a mech would own, is what he meant to say.

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