Has it really been six months? Feels like about three years.

And since someone already asked, I had my anniversary party spectacular planned long before ol' pretty boy Thorpe over there with his fancy-ass "writing." Him and me are going to have it out one of these days, I swear it.

Thank goodness Star Trek is on for like 5 hours every day now, so jobless potheads can spend the day sitting around thinking up shit like this.

Try it with your head, stinkpuss.

I'm rather glad that "Terastas" doesn't go into detail about how or why his fursuit gets stained.

Thanks to the magic of computers 34-year-old men can accost us with tales of their boners!

Everything in this incredible story is 100% true and you're nuts if you think otherwise.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jay Leno!

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