Sex Addicts

Humans are very sexual beings. The problem is that we live in a society that makes people feel bad for having "dirty" thoughts. We are embarassed and shameful of our bodies and our sexuality making those of us most repressed into filthy perverts. Okay enough of the psycho analysis bullshit, here are some sex addicted freaks.

No. Not at all.

Talk about being whipped.

More from "cuckold Rik"!

Whatever happened to the good old days of ejaculating into a sock? I may be a boring guy but damnitt, it's tradition.

Is there a "cumming into your sock and then wearing them to work" fetish somewhere out there?

There's a market for everything these days.

"Jeroen Gay proud" is short and to the point.

Whenever you see a balloon in the sky just remember that "dr461" wants to have sex with it.


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