There sure is a lot of pubic hair in my keyboard.

"queenbee_05" is on the fast track to the abortion clinic.

Beautiful man, just beautiful.

Historians will look back on this image and say, "God damn."

This caps lock situation moment was brought to you by the Boston Red Sox.

Someone in FYAD filtered "girl" to "bleeder".

Have sex with him or he'll think you're uncool! Hurry!

Congratulations! It's a boy!

Special thanks to my FYAD friends brahm2, ratcar, megazord, nikatrel, Pretzelcoatl, vegitor, Tazzo, mojomasta, jrichmond68, Devine, Allanon858, doctor love, Highwire, The Hugsville Horror, therepent, TheNateLaw, DustyButtons, Iceberg-Slim, what no, aRemissMinotuar, Chobicus, MrLamo2k1, Ripoff, LeftHandBlue, Mr. P, Ludacris, Guin, Shmorky, bbchops, Magnuit, Mighty Stalker, and Moosh for contributing to this report.

Do you know of an awful forum that should be included in a future update? Send in a link! Seacrest, OUT!

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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