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People who believe in ghosts are immature. They cannot deal with the realities of life or death and make up these fantasies in their heads that act as a distraction for their real mental illness. They take images and they "see" something in the background, circle it, and post it on the Internet claiming that inside of the circle is some sort of paranormal being. I'M SORRY TO SAY, THERE'S NOTHING FUCKING THERE, FOLKS. There's nothing here either. You put all this effort into ghosts, ghost stories, and ghost hunting that there has to be other parts of your lives that are being neglected. Please, for the love of God, get help.

I love a good ghost story.

That's not a ghost it's just a really fat woman.

I'm glad this story has a happy ending.

I have all the answers you are looking for in this very deep hole.

Watch out! KaBoom gets off on dead horse pictures! Buyer beware!

My spirit got pissed and left a long time ago.


Muwhahaha I am a faggot on the Internet!

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