Inspirational Mental Exercises with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: sometimes it helps to visualize a hippo running towards a goal, fat waddling, smile on its face, sweat pouring down. Then once it reaches that goal, it helps to visualize the hippo on a podium smiling and being awarded a medal.
Moof: it deserves a medal
Livestock: it really does, for running that race
Moof: it was worth it though
Livestock: what do you visualize moof
Moof: an otter
Moof: stuck in a bog
Moof: trying to swim out of the bog
Moof: but sinking
Moof: slowly
Livestock: that is a nightmare moof
Moof: franticly trying to escape he bog
Livestock: stop moof stop
Moof: but it is sinking
Moof: the bog is winning
Livestock: oh god
Moof: only his head is above now
Livestock: why moof why
Moof: he is trying to escape
Moof: but it is too late
Moof: he sinks
Livestock: oh no
Moof: and the darkness envelops me once again
Livestock: are you okay
Moof: yes that is what I think about
Livestock: oh okay

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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