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Flickr. YouTube. MySpace. What do these web sites have in common? Not only are they all a great place to pick up on mentally disturbed loose chicks, but they all take your content and plaster it with ads so other people can discover what a giant asshole you really are. Nobody is afraid to post their innermost thoughts and desires on the Internet. Nothing is secret anymore, from the fact that you enjoy footjobs to your love of big and beautiful women. Got a disgusting habit or trait? Don't just tell the world! Show them, with Flickr!

People actually want to look like Michael Jackson? I don't think Michael Jackson wants to look like Michael Jackson anymore.

Oh it gets much worse than this let me tell you.

Is that the default wallpaper for Windows XP? It always looked like a fatty haven to me!

You know, smoking can cause premature aging and- actually you know, I think smoking is the least of her problems.

The balcony later collapsed under the immense weight of the cosplaying couple. There were no survivors.

Now that's some biting social commentary right there. He must be very proud of himself.

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