That hot Conehead daughter took a turn for the worse.

You can't make an exception to Mormon doctrine just because you happen to be a nerd with a Star Wars fetish.

A nice moment between your brother and you has now been turned into fodder for my stupid Internet column. Good job.

How do I report offensive images? Good God.

Oh God, I think I can almost see a brown stain...

Is that... my high school English teacher??? Oh Christ I think it might be!

Just thought I'd include a little somethin' for Lowtax in this one. Enjoy, buddy.

The next Charlie's Angels movie is going straight to to DVD.

Special thanks to Moonlitenite, dcseankun, Feeding Tube, Jip_Bip_Jo, templar187, Tremendous Trifles, big duck equals goose, Cuddlebottom, wren, Anukahn, Mitochondria Eve, Morby, and Malorkus.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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