Tricycle_Monkey made this adorable carving of a cute bunny rabbit.

Being a proud British citizen, I haven't seen teeth like the ones on Tube's pumpkin since I last looked in the mirror.

"Operation Goatse Uber Kosh's Pumpkin" was deemed a complete success by all involved in the project.

Velvet Sparrow sent out this final message of anti-White sentiment.

Clearly this article was the most significant thing to happen on November 4th 2008. Thanks to all of forum goons for carving their way into our hearts (not literally), and shame on the individuals who allowed these sick bastards access to sharp instruments. Next week's Comedy Goldmine will take a lighter look at the race riots which are sure to take place all over America in the next 7 days. If you survive them, join me here again next Tuesday.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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