YouDummy gives you a look at the outtakes from Sarah Palin's speech that the Republicans DIDN'T want you to see!

Finally, Zaasakokwaan isn't as dumb a name as Zamboni but it's pretty damn close.

What a neutral, non-partisan and unbiased look at every major player in the upcoming election. I think someone also slipped a Nader gif in with that bunch while I wasn't looking. Big thanks this week go to the forum goons from the Laissez's Fair forum. I've been trying to find a way to use a thread from there for months now, so it's about time you guys started pulling your weight. Next week's Goldmine will be based around events I'm more familiar with, the upcoming British prime minister election. Can Lord Thistlethorpe III of the Anti-Hoodie Alliance triumph over brash newcomer to the scene, Sir Arthur P. Waddlington Esq. of the Bloody Smashing party? Find out next Tuesday!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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