Zack: You'd think there would be less conspicuous messengers. Like a guy with a bike, or a flying pillow or whatever the bike-equivalent would be in Al-Qadim.

Steve: A dude like this used to go to the same gas station as me every morning. I'd get a long john and he would buy two instant lotto tickets and a bottle of blue bug juice.

Zack: You should have bartered with him. Half your donut for a swig of the bug juice and one of the lotto tickets.

Steve: Dude looked like he would mega-backwash in his bug juice.

Zack: Fire-winged Sikhs with scimitars and bird claws for feet are known as mad back-washers. It's like a tartar tide rolling in whenever they take a sip.

Steve: He didn't have any of that stuff. I don't know if he was a Sikh or whatever. He was wearing a Magic Johnson jersey and I think he was Chinese.

Zack: Is this another one of your dreams that you think really happened?

Steve: No.

Steve: Yeah, maybe.

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