Zack: You have journeyed far across the beautiful countryside of Geoff to the Barrier Peaks and walked inside a UFO, but you don't know it's a UFO. You see a different part of wall.

Steve: I try putting a dollar in the slot.

Zack: It spits it back out.

Steve: I check to make sure it doesn't have any creases or bent corners.

Zack: No, it's a perfectly new Geoff Buck.

Steve: I put it in the slot again.

Zack: A light flashes above the door and there is a bong. The door starts to open.

Steve: I didn't pick what I wanted yet!

Steve: Ahhhhh I didn't want that!

Zack: The door has vended Carrot Dudes and a Fish Dog.

Steve: "Eat hell and back to hell with you!" I bellow with the frostbitten rage of a thousand glaciers and unleash my axe on them.

Zack: They are slain. Carrot juice is everywhere. There is a button with an arrow pointing up inside the vending machine.

Steve: I attack the button with my axe, but less forcefully than before.

Zack: The doors close and the vending machine shakes. You are vended onto another area! You are in a hallway with wall-to-wall Berber carpet, but you don't know what that is because you have only ever seen hair carpet.

Steve: I'm not impressed.

Zack: Maybe what is trundling down the hall towards you will impress you!

Steve: He looks reasonable. "I say, metal man, how do I vend myself back to where I was?"

Zack: Beep boop beep boop beep.

Steve: If he's just going to repeat back everything I say in a mocking tone like that then I don't see any point sticking around.

Zack: There's a door just behind the robot. "Skeleton's Office" is written on the door in stenciled lettering.

Steve: Well, I do have a skeleton. This robot is no help. I'll see if the skeleton can tell me anything.

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