Zack: "You will pay for interrupting my balloon animal class!"

Steve: This like creates the whole Drow image of the black and purple woman with the white hair that graced the cover of many D&D books over the years.

Zack: Did it ever bother you that the most important matriarchy in Dungeons & Dragons was a subterranean realm of evil sadists?

Steve: You can't apply modern tumblr theory to this stuff, dude. It's not about disrespecting the babes. Gary Gygax probably read an Encyclopedia Brittanica about female spiders eating their mates and he was like, "What if they were like scary ladies who were really into spiders instead?"

Zack: And then he had them put his mother's face on a giant evil spider and the rest is history.

Steve: A history of amazing adventures in the Underdark, one of the most richly-realized places in the history of role playing games.

Zack: Yeah, the evil cave is right up there with the castle and the tavern.

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