Rust Monster by Fickle Pixie

Steve: Rust monsters are the worst. I lost an entire suit of plate to one on my last fighter character. Way to be a dick, Jamie. My AC was like a baby's for the rest of that adventure.

Zack: We had a lot of entries like this one that, while good, were marred by the creeping furry crawlers.

Steve: You know that feel you get when the news does its nightly bed bug story? That's the feeling.

Giant Slug by Fickle Pixie

Zack: Truly, this captures the spirit of the contest.

Steve: Yeah, it doesn't really look like D&D art, but otherwise it's what we wanted.

Zack: That's right, folks, we wanted tits on a slug. Huge, huge breasts on an immense slug.

Steve: They're awesome. They're about to pop out of there. Then what?

Zack: That's the point where the Grunka-Lunkas come out and sing a song about cleavage.

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