Steve: I looked for a piece of artwork that I felt really embodied Frank Frazetta to open this thing up with and I think this nails it. You've got the brutal looking barbarian, a super fine babe with her body hanging out of some shredded up clothes, evil beasts, and epic freaking scenery like you wouldn't believe.

Zack: I never really noticed how ripped up orcs are. Look at that musculature on those dudes. They must do nothing but crunches and push-ups like Orc Town is one huge prison yard.

Steve: It's a hard environment in Frank Frazetta paintings. You've got to climb a mountain just to fight some giant crazy barbarian with a five-foot battle axe.

Zack: In the savage mountains of Frazetta's imagination king of the hill is played for Keeps. Princess Keeps.

Steve: If I were an orc I'd probably climb a mountain and fight a barbarian to get at her. Have you seen orc babes?

Zack: Sadly, yes.

Steve: Come to think of it, I have too. I don't really want to talk about it either. Let's just move on.

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