Zack: I was all primed to make fun of whatever you picked, but I'm with you on this one. Myconids and their weird cave societies are pretty creepy. Turns out murderous mushroom dudes are not so funny.

Steve: They're neutral but it's not like Switzerland neutral. It's like these guys are freaking mushrooms and we got no idea what they even care about and they will rub spores on you and turn you into a freaky zombie without even caring.

Zack: Myconid don't give a fuck.

Steve: If you look at the newer D&D monsters there are all sorts of these weird, alien societies of monsters that seem like attempts to recapture the magic of myconids. Pan-dimensional metal men and blue beetle dudes and whatever else.

Zack: Inscrutable others. Where do they come from? What do they want? Are they dangerous?

Steve: Exactly.

Zack: They seem strange but harmless, you leave them to their own devices and before you know it...welcome to Obama's America.

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