Big Time Hot Boobs and Cool Spooky Space
November, 1979

Steve: This is my favorite cover so far. Hot babe. Cool planets hovering overhead. A badass animal. Some sort of bird monsters. Frozen city. It's like Where's Waldo? only everything is Waldo and Waldo is frickin' super cool.

Zack: You're not picking the best art anymore. You're just picking your favorite breasts. Frankly, that is disgusting to me.

Steve: Breasts are disgusting to you?

Zack: No, you don't treat these women as anything other than shapely bosoms when clearly they have other interests, such as barbarianing and possibly cosmos warring.

Steve: Alright, if you can find something cooler than this, then show me what you've got.

Zack: Boom. It's the most horrifying monster of all: time. And who battles time? Clocks. And how do they battle time? By splattering open jelly beans underwater.

Steve: I'm starting to think you are intentionally picking the stupidest covers you can find.
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