Zack: Ashnod's cargo cult idol to Tony Stark.

Steve: For sale one really really needley suit. I don't know why I put needles all over it. I wasn't thinking. I had this suit and all these needles and glue and I just got carried away. The good news is it hurts a lot when you attack. The bad news is if you try to put this on your camel he's going to die.

Zack: When Ashnod gets stressed out he starts squeezing his sword and bending lumps onto it. Trust me, during the week of Mishra's yearly performance review he'll make a broadsword look like a waveform.

Steve: Excellent for commanders of armies of cushion or pillow men. Do you have a stuffed puppet man army? Perfect armor.

Zack: I want a stuffed puppet man army.

Steve: How many forests do you own?

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