Steve: So wait a second, maybe I had my science fiction movies all wrong. This is like Avatar, only the humans are Nightlords and the Navi are humans.

Zack: Whatever comparison you want to make, it's all just a bunch of stick-figure war and skull doodles in the margins of Kevin Siembieda's math homework.

Steve: This isn't even written by Kevin Siembieda.

Zack: Senior Editor: Kevin Siembieda. Do I need to remind you how he "collaborates" with other writers by wearing them like a pair of mittens? The last 50 pages of this book are straight out of Heroes Unlimited. Word-for-word.

Steve: That's all the modern equipment stuff, they don't need to come up with a new one for every book.

Zack: You're falling into his trap, Steve! You're accepting that this giant catalog of guns and radios and police uniforms should be in the book at all. They might as well include a dictionary and a road atlas. Nobody needs five different assault rifles that each have identical statistics.

Steve: Tell that to the NRA.
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