Steve: Angelcorn 3:16 means I just flexed my ass.

Zack: The Nightlords have an "accessories only" dress code.

Steve: So is this war or horror?

Zack: Horror. A giant saw blade cuts a unicorn angel in half vertically. Pretty scary.

Zack: Also great to see Nightbane is really bringing things down to a level everybody can empathize with so the horror feels all the more real.

Steve: Maybe the horror is inside of our terrifying unicorn angel bodies.

Zack: Maybe normal humans are terrifying to unicorn angels. We're the horror!

Steve: It's just like my nightmare where I'm a barbarian and I have to fly on Southwest Airlines and the stewardess is really mean and I have to buy two seats for my axe.

Zack: This didn't happen.

Steve: Way to step all over my "huge axe" joke.

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