Steve: Well, that was a whole lot of fun!

Zack: No. Wrong.

Steve: You know what else is a whole lot of fun? Your new book.

Zack: I told you to just let me do the contest and not to mention the book.

Steve: Contest?

Zack: We talked about doing that contest with the Rifts thing.

Steve: I don't remember this at all. Maybe you had better remind me in excrutiating detail as though we did not just discuss this three hours ago.

Zack: Later today we will be announcing our first WTF, D&D!? contest on the SA Forums. It is inspired by a really ridiculous demon-creation chart we found in the back of this book. You roll up a demon one piece at a time.

Steve: Not ringing any bells. Better continue.

Zack: The goal will be to draw whatever you roll on the table and submit your Rifts monster to me and Steve for future review. And there are going to be prizes.

Steve: Prizes?

Zack: That's right, fabulous prizes. I'll be giving away some signed copies of my book, but the big prize - and it's really big - will have to wait until we ennouce the contest on the forums.

Steve: So I guess check the forums, because I've got no clue what is going on!

Zack: Burn in hell forever, Steve.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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