Zack: Clean and sober for two years. He has a golden voice that's God's Gift. Just give him a chance.

Steve: Is it wrong I feel relieved this is the worst you came up with for the last picture?

Zack: We've only scratched the surface, Steve. There is so much bad Werewolf art and when we're done with that...Werewolf Wild West.

Steve: As long as I don't have to look at more bloody dildo bathroom scenes.

Zack: Do you still love White Wolf games?

Steve: You're wearing me down.

Zack: I only shine my light on things already in the game.

Steve: I'm not going to break though dude. I played Changeling.

Steve: Changeling.

Zack: That's the fairy one, right?

Steve: I had a Chinese vampire and a were alligator. I played a Hunter in a campaign based on Dark Towers. You're never going to win this battle.

Zack: I'll consider that a challenge.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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