Zack: "Ah! My greatest fear! A nearly naked woman!"

Steve: Clearly she is using an illusion and this is meant to convey her appearing as the zombie man trying to menace the other wizard dude.

Zack: Look at her hand on the left up there. It's like the artist gave up.

Steve: I can't unsee it.

Zack: It's the Kate's hoof fiasco all over again.

Steve: I know we've been talking about art this whole time, but I want to take a second to talk about wild magic introduced in this book. You know I hate magic and wizards.

Zack: You think they are too powerful in the game.

Steve: Basically. Wizards in D&D would be fine if you want to play Harry Potter where everybody is a wizard, but after the first few levels it's basically protect the wizard while he wins the encounter. Anyway, wild magic in this book is the worst. It takes magic in D&D and makes it way more complicated and then adds a random effect table.

Zack: I thought you liked those tables.

Steve: Encounter and treasure tables, sure. Mutation or insanity tables, great. But every time you cast a spell it might go haywire and make your hair grow a foot, make you sneeze around magic items or some other idiotic crap? It's bogus, dude.

Zack: Verdict: bogus.

Steve: Wild magic turns the game into a cartoon about wizards. It's the worst.

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