Zack: Opie & Anthony react to 3 Skeletons 4 Buckets only at the O&A Army HQ with Ron & Fuzz & Booper & Deets, plus Big Paulie, Skoodge, Lady, and Big Booper!

Steve: Forget about laundry, I just want to climb into that thing and hang out with these skeleton dudes. They look like they know how to have a good time.

Zack: They do look suspiciously fun-loving for undead.

Steve: I'd climb down there and be like, "Waddup, boners!? Got some Red Stripes and White Castles, let's get this party started."

Zack: And then with single-minded purpose they would attempt to wash you.

Steve: Nah, I'd give them some bras and stuff to mess with while we were hanging out.

Zack: What I have gleaned from this image is that skeleton is to necromancer as pterodactyl is to Flintstone.

Steve: Oh, dang, you're right. I bet the necromancer has a phonograph that is a skeleton playing a record with his finger bone in the groove and a skeleton coat rack covered with evil robes and skull hats.

Zack: Skeletons would probably be good at opening cans. Necromancers must have it made.

Steve: You know, necromancers are like the only kind of wizard that wears a uniform. Evokers? Conjurers? Those guys all look about the same, but if you're a necromancer you've always got to strap on skulls and wear black robes.

Zack: Yeah, but if you capture one you have to treat him according to the Geneva Convention. You can do anything you want to an evoker. Anything...

Steve: I think it's just stereotypes. Just once why can't the necromancer be a really nice dude who dresses nice?

Zack: How nice? White tie nice or business casual nice?

Steve: I'd be happy with some jams and a t-shirt.

Zack: A skull t-shirt? Evil jams?

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