Ooops! You gooshed your pants!

You know that you're relieved having found the perfect accompaniment to your 'This-One-Time-In-Tijuana' costume. The Goosh Pants tastefully (or not so "tastefully", depending on your appreciation of toilet humor) display a yellow spray down the front - vibrantly indicating that you have urinated on yourself. Not enough for you? Flip 'em around to showcase the excitement of "sliding into third". To sum it up: Get the look without drinking the water in Mexico!

  • Available in One Size Fits Most Adults.
  • Includes: Pants.
  • Shoes and shirt are not included.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Here's a good costume: yourself in 30 years!

Zackula: It's not pee, i had a six-pound cyst on my groin!

Dr. Thorpenstein: Ever since I visited Indonesia I've had these weird growths that occasionally burst into a half-gallon of weird pus that smells like Hai Karate.

Zackula: Do you have a craving for peanut butter and banana sandwiches and human bone marrow?

Dr. Thorpenstein: Well, yeah, but that's pretty normal for me.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Oh man, I hadn't even noticed the back view-- this is a costume that implies that you've peed and shat yourself! I thought this was a lame one-joke pee pants costume, but it turns out to work on multiple levels... just like great literature!

Zackula: You know what would make this costume really amazing?

Dr. Thorpenstein: What's that? Some blood and semen?

Zackula: A bucktoothed gorilla mask, a shocker suit, a grass skirt, coconut bra, a hairy chest and sleeves, gorilla hands, and possibly some of those giant novelty sunglasses.

Zackula: We'll call it the Shitty Shockery Michelle Obama Vacation Costume.

Dr. Thorpenstein: That's a fucking stupid costume.

Zackula: Exactly.

Dr. Thorpenstein: But you add a pussy-eating shirt, buddy, now you're in BUSINESS!

Zackula: Maybe you will finally meet that girl of your dreams. The sort of girl who is attracted to a man in shitty piss pants.

Zackula: "Well, he looked like he peed and pooped his pants, but after a while I realized his shirt said he could eat pussy really well, so I married him." - Michelle Obama

Dr. Thorpenstein: I mean, sometimes I think that's what I really need, being that I constantly both piss and shit my pants, but then I think maybe it's like Groucho Marx said-- I wouldn't want to be in a club that would let me piss and shit my pants as a member.

Zackula: Oh, I'm a member of the Shit and Piss Club. It's pretty nice. Great restaurant.

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