Zack: This kid has a bright future in the penny cleaning industry.

Dr. Thorpe: Her parents are using the science fair to prepare her for the family business, which is running roadside stands where motorists can stop and boil their pennies. Clean pennies, while you wait! It's a slightly less lucrative offshoot of the comb boiling industry.

Zack: Which is itself a development of the massive stamp-steaming industrial complex.

Dr. Thorpe: Which is not to be confused with the Southern tradition of deep-frying Mars Bars.

Zack: I bet the different cleaning agents he used were like Coke, orange juice, water, root beer and penny cleaner.

Dr. Thorpe: Hypothesis: rut beer work beft

Zack: Procedure: put a penny ih mouf widda cleaner and swaller it

Dr. Thorpe: Conclusion: fuck

Zack: By the way, penny cleaner is made out of 20-molar acid.

Dr. Thorpe: This science fair photo is in loving memory of Betty Marie Lancer, 1992-2000.

Zack: "A well-meaning daughter who loved to taste things."

Zack: "Honey, I don't know about that epitaph..." "What?! She was eight years old, she didn't do shit."

Dr. Thorpe: Eventually they settled on "Our curious little angel."

Zack: They buried her in a special graveyard for all of the kids who suffocate in abandoned refrigerators or get their heads stuck in plastic bags.

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