Closed in 2004 after a larger Wal-Mart was opened in neighboring Kevin's Joint, this Wal-Mart store was once the centerpiece of commerce for Thathper County. The darkened interior is somewhat the worse for wear, but it's still easy to imagine people in tank tops getting their portraits taken, t-shirts being sold with photographs of raccoons captioned with BITE ME, and teenagers eating meatball subs at the Subway. Now the only inhabitants are raccoons, and they will bite you.


G-g-g-g-ghosts? Probably not, according to some scientists, but this spooky Wal-Mart location in the heart of New Jersey is a popular destination for ghost hunters. It is easy to see why once you have a look at all the broken and empty aquariums in the pet department. Huge, dusty piles of brightly-colored squirt guns, inflatable vinyl pools, and kick balls really make you think how these toys will never be sold to the children that are probably like 20 now anyway.

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