Henchman Status Update (2 of 4)
The status of Einstein Junior has been changed from ACTIVE to DECEASED.
Name: Einstein, Albert Kyle (DECEASED)
Codename(s): Einstein Junior, Doctor Atom, Am Become Death
Join Date: 3-9-51
Primary Role: Atomic bomb inventor
Secondary Role: E determiner, chrono spherer, deuterium fissioner
Specialties: Physics, quantum physics, nuclear physics, evil physics, evil quantum physics, electric fiddling (evil).

Availability: On Hire (hire)
Contracted To: Adverse Interests, LLC.
Term of Hire: 30 days or d/c/f

DEATH PAYOUT: 500,000 USD to be paid to the Einstein's Formula Racing Institute (charity).

Average Customer Rating: (rate)

Customer Review:

The Genius Behind the Genius

Reviewed by Walt Disney Corporation
We went to Einstein Sr. for our first atomic bomb, but after three months and barely enough yield to frag Magic Mountain we knew something was up. Turned out Einstein Sr. barely knew the difference between uranium-235 and uranium-238 and was using carrots as control rods. We gave him some dolls to play with and contacted his enigmatic son. Junior sorted us out and before we could say "Fantasia" we had rid ourselves of a certain meddlesome "freedom fighter" at our Guatemalan animation (more)

Circumstance of Contract Liquidation:

Made contact with American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and convinced him of the necessity of developing an atomic bomb by showing him a video clip of the Nazi flag flying over the White House in 1946. Gave the Americans the secrets of the Nazi super bomb stolen from the Time-SS database. Was sadly gunned down by Time-SS agents as he exited the White House. These men were in turn killed by the Secret Service in an ironic twist of abbreviations that surely (more)

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