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Gettin' locked up. Apparently many Goons have fallen foul of the law and are tellin' tales of their hard time in the slammer. Geeks in jail, read their story here. Apparently it is exactly like Shawshank Redemption after all.

Help me convince locals I'm one of them. If you need to infiltrate a community, gain its trust and them rob them all blind then you can find out the key to walking and talking local.

Tell me about coming out. Hey everyone, webcams for christ is gay! I can sleep better tonight knowing this. If you're thinking of coming out of the closet you can pick up tips on how to tell people something they probably already knew.

Tell me how to fit in socially without drinking. Ranch Dressing Geyser doesn't want to drink but doesn't want to be a party pooper. Will he manage it without losing his friends? Stay tuned to find out.

Why are so many geeks nights owls? It is a well known fact that denizens of the Internet (or "netizens" as Time Magazine would have you call them) are nocturnal creatures and only come out of their dens for Mountain Dew and beef jerky. "Why is this?", scientists ask, befuddled beyond belief. We ask the same question and produce very little.

Requesting a super-naive introduction to semi-casual attire. This is a thread about how to dress yourself...?

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john mccain is going to win lol - according to this poll the election has already been decided *sits down and twiddles thumbs for next three months*

retcon the bush presidency - it turns out the past 8 years happened on earth-2 and golden age batman died

ben smith (politico reporter) reads d&d/lf (or has someone do it for him) - our big dumb political forum got a shoutout in a big dumb political news site, hooray. if we get a few more we can have our own wikipedia article

Obama: vp is.........ronld reagn haha jk ttyl - didja hear about this? obama's gonna announce his running mate via text message. not to be outdone, mccain will announce his running mate via telegraph *pauses for laughs* i'm jay leno stick around after the break we got seth rogen and lisa kudrow hit it kev *band plays roxanne by the police*

Stop calling it the "mideast". - threads about geography? yes please

so it turns out bush did 9/18 - a thread about how the anthrax attacks were coordinated to instill fear in the american people and drum up support for the impending war with iraq descends into a flamewar involving rape jokes and imaginary dead ex-girlfriends. you stay classy, LF.

Congressman Twitter - in the future all legislation will be micro-blogged and vetoed with a "fail whale" stamp

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